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Sydney Harbour Bridge

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Death on the bridge

During the eight years of construction, 16 workers were killed on the job or died later as a result of their injuries. Their details are recorded in the Pylon Honour Roll.


Draw up a table like the one below (you will need 16 lines).
Use the information from page 61 of The Bridge Pylon Honour Roll.



Country of origin






Think about it

  • How many men lost their lives in the 10 years of the building of the bridge from 1922 to 1932?
  • How many different countries are represented by the workers in this table?
  • Find out (a) what kind of work was done by the men in these occupations: dogman, braceman, rigger, quarryman, boilermakers; (b) if these occupations are still current.
  • Who was the youngest worker who lost his life?
  • Who was the oldest?
  • Who was the first man to lose his life working on the bridge?
  • Who was the last worker to die? In what year did this fatality occur?
  • What ceremony was held to honour this man? (Pylon Honour Roll p 64)
  • Which occupation appears to have been the most dangerous?


Write an obituary for one of the 16 workers who died during the construction of the Bridge
(You might want to investigate the worker in more details in the records of the workers in the Honour Roll.

a notice about the death of a person, often with a brief biographical sketch. It may include some reflection on their major achievements and/or notable features of their character

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