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Sydney Harbour Bridge

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Builders – What did they do?

1. The occupations of the bridge workers

Activity 1: Investigate

Do you know what kind of work each of the following did on the building of the Harbour Bridge?

  • engineers'
  • boilermakers
  • riggers
  • surveyors
  • carpenters
  • crane drivers
  • architects
  • concreters
  • painters
  • blacksmiths
  • stonemasons
  • Find and record a short description of the bridge work done by each from the following: Pylon Honour Roll (scroll down to pages 5-7).
  • Six of the above occupations are immortalised in the stained-glass windows on Level one of the Pylon Lookout exhibition at ‘work and workers’. Which ones are they? Why do you think the Pylon Lookout exhibition chose to highlight these workers? You might be better able to answer this question when you have studied the images and eye-witness accounts.
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