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Sydney Harbour Bridge

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Engineering Reports

All engineers are required from time to time to write reports that are used to inform clients about specific projects, or to outline the details of projects, or to report on the completion of projects.

Work Task: Engineering Report 1

Assume that you have been requested by the RTA to investigate alternative ways to join together plates on the bridge when a rivet needs to be replaced. Investigate mechanical joining, and fusion welding. Analyse the structural advantages and disadvantages of each.

Work Task: Engineering Report 2

One of the enduring challenges with the Sydney Harbour Bridge is corrosion. Painting is a viable solution, but it is not terribly good in places where water can pool. Assess a variety of corrosion protection techniques for areas of the bridge that are liable to suffer from long-term pooling water on the steel structure. Make a recommendation as to which method is most suitable.

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