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Sydney Harbour Bridge

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Professional Issues

Bridge design

The Sydney Harbour Bridge was not originally thought of as an arch bridge. Dr Bradfield initially had a cantilever bridge in mind to span the harbour. However, on a trip to New York he was inspired by the Hell Gate Bridge and he realised the cantilever design was inferior to an arch for his proposed bridge. More…


All engineering projects have some impact on the environment and the people living around the project. For Sydney as a whole, the Bridge helped to open up the northern side of the harbour and allowed the city to expand north. To achieve this, however, large parts of The Rocks were demolished, leaving hundreds of people homeless and displaced. The Dawes Point Battery that had been designed by Francis Greenway was also demolished. More…


Any large civil engineering project brings with it the potential of death and injury. Laws relating to occupational health and safety have been significantly improved in recent years: in the 1920s and 30s there were few requirements for the mandatory provision of safe workplaces and protective equipment. More…

Engineering reports

All engineers are required from time to time to write reports that are used to inform clients about specific projects, or to outline the details of projects, or to report on the completion of projects. More…

Engineering graphics

The use of the graphical representation of items by engineers is almost universal. In fact it is a form of communication that is often not hindered by differences in spoken language. Graphical representation extends from quickly done freehand sketches to machine produced orthogonal views of complex items done by computers. More…

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